"Their sound and vibe is deep, atmospheric and dark, groovy and energetic. Amphler delivers a truly exciting live techno experience."

Ivan Spadaro and Jeroen van de Putte first met at jamsessions in the city of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. Jeroen played drums and Ivan keys and bass. They quickly found out that they had a strong musical connection and wanted to find out more. 

After spending some time in a rehearsal-room things began to take shape. At a certain point their music started to shift towards an electronic approach. They switched to a rig of mainly of analog modular synthesizers, and that’s when things suddenly fell into place. 

Amphler was born…

After doing a lot of research and experimenting they found a way to actually create and perform their music live. This gives them the opportunity to improvise and build a unique atmosphere together with a venue and it’s audience.


Spotify link coming soon…

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